Fees, Information, Terms & Conditions

Sand Island Campground sites are available for booking online from the main menu; but check the rates below first and other details that will make your visit more enjoyable.  Our camp host is Derrick, feel free to call him if you have questions at 503-999-4541.
Andrew our shuttle drivers number is 971-813-3867.

Additional rentals may be secured for rental of various watercraft available by visiting        http://www.sthelensmarina.com/rentals-boats-jet-skis/

For emergency please call 1-503-310-0235.  You may check the tent locations on this page from the main menu. The information below will give you details on rates and answer some basic questions you may have.

Until you have paid you do not have a reservation.

Check-In Time: 1:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM –Your check out is at 11 a.m. on the morning after the final night you have a paid booking.

Tent Rates Are As Follows:
Each overnight camping area booked may have up to 6 total overnight guests. The rate of $30 per night is charged with your booking.
Over 6 people can book a larger campsite for up to 12 people at one campsite. These larger camp locations #35,36,39,51 & 53 are $50 per night.
* Tax Payers within City of St. Helens, OR with identification receive $10 cash back gift certificates upon checking in from a choice of local eateries & businesses.

Minimum Night Stay:
Generally a 1-night stay is fine; but, during special weekends and holiday seasonal events a 2 night stay may be required.
Don’t forget until you have paid you do not have a reservation.

Smoking Policy:
Smoking is permitted within your campsite. No smoking in public spaces or buildings closer than 25 feet from entrance.

Weekdays call the above number for your shuttle from the main land to the island – Weekends the shuttle comes hourly. Shuttle pick up is as follows:
Daily shuttle to and from the St. Helens, Marina Launching Ramp. This ramp is located right to the North of the Marina Gate. The shuttle comes daily from this location and runs from 8:00am-5:00pm
Bathrooms are on the island, showers are a 3 minute shuttle ride to the main land. Horseshoes, corn hole, and other games are available to check out and enjoy.

For watercraft rental of  jet skis and motor boats and more please visit: http://www.sthelensmarina.com and click on services.

Yummy food and no work makes your stay complete! Visit our local Sunshine Pizza for a multitude of offerings and have food delivery right to you at the shuttle pick up location. Their menu is at http://www.sunshinepizza.net/menu

Pets: Pets in your control are welcome as long as you clean up after them and do not disrupt other guests which will result in being politely asked to leave. Pet pick up bags are located at the Sand Island Dock if needed.

When you arrive: 1) Unload your camping gear to the side of the ramp. 2) Call the Marina Store for your parking shuttle. 3) Follow parking shuttle and lock your vehicle. 4) Ride back to ramp and take shuttle to the Sand Island Campground.

Cancellations and Early Departure Fee:
If a guest checks out earlier than their original reservation dates, a $15.00 early departure fee will be added to the reservation. To avoid this, revisions to a reservation should be made 5 days prior to the stay.

Check-in Credit/Debit Authorization:
Upon booking, the provided credit card will be charged. At this time we do not accept cash reservations.